Espin Preschool Learning Center’s curriculum is based on 

The Creative Curriculum®.  

Developed by Teaching Strategies®, The Curriculum has offered developmental programs to early childhood educators across the county for over 25 years.

Espin Curriculum Overview:

Exploration and discovery are the foundations of our program. The Curriculum recognized that what might be seen as play is actually a child’s way of “working and learning” as they explore their environment in new ways.

To complement this curriculum, we use a theme-based approach. Each theme offers a variety of activities and skills with emphasis on hands on science, math and early literacy. Because of our philosophy, homework and worksheets are not part of our curriculum. Since each child is unique, play-based and hands-on learning is most appealing and effective for all learning styles. Our curriculum coupled with play-based learning encourages children to develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills.

  • We offer enrichment programs that enhance social skills and improve motivation i.e., Sports, Kids Yoga, Fitness and Dance!
  • Learning shouldn’t only be the in classroom! Our field trips provide valuable learning opportunities to explore by exposing the children to new experiences.  We can also bring the field trip to the school!
  • Field Trips:
    • Children’s Museums, Aquariums, Farms, Live Theater, and so much more!
    • In-House Field Trips: Health & Fitness, Petting Zoo, Chef Parties and Reptile, Magic & Science shows!