“Kindergarten is the foundation and the model for lifelong learning.”

Our goal is to support and encourage a lifetime of learning! We believe learning should be fun and exciting; comfortable and satisfying and should feed their curiosity.  With this approach, the goals we set below for your child will be attainable.

Our Kindergartners will:

  • Become an independent learner.
  • Learn to cooperate with teachers and friends.
  • Practice positive social behaviors with peers. 
  • Become responsible for his/her own actions.
  • Embrace curiosity and become inquisitive!
  • Learn to solve problems on their own.
  • Share ideas and creations with friends, teachers and family!
  • Become a lifelong learner!


Because our Kindergarten program does not conduct standardized testing, we are able to focus on the children and their individual learning styles. We are also able to to include social studies and science in our curriculum, as well as physical activities, play time and enrichment programs. Students will also enjoy field trips, in-house events, multicultural shows, and so much more!

Our customized curriculum focuses on Language Literacy & Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Mathematical & Scientific Thinking, Social Studies, Physical Development, Technology, and Personal &  Social Development. Our aim is for our students to have a meaningful and enjoyable experience!

What sets Espin’s Kindergarten program apart:

  • No standardized testing.
  • Small class size for more individualized attention.
  • Creative lesson plans that students will not only learn from, but enjoy as well!
  • Our curriculum focuses on developing the critical skills that will ready our students for elementary school, both socially and academically.
  • Staying true to our philosophy, we still allow time for play and exploration!