We strive to provide the best environment for your child’s social and academic development.  Our curriculum focuses on developing:

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Language Literacy
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Scientific Thinking
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Expression
  • Physical Development

Our school focuses on providing a safe and loving environment:

  • Enriching activities to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • Outdoor area & Active Zone equipped for physical development, gross motor skills, water play, sensory garden, creative art & music!
  • Offering multi-cultural and developmentally appropriate events and materials with bilingual educators.
  • Supporting the professional development of teachers through early childhood training.

At Espin, we recognize children are born with different qualities and their own personality; therefore they have unique gifts and talents that need to be brought out. We believe that educators have the responsibility to nurture and bring out those unique talents and gifts. We encourage all children to learn and play while exploring the world around them. We believe that by having positive and enthusiastic educators, children will strive to become creative themselves. This can be accomplished by building the self-esteem they need to understand who they are and what unique talents they have. Our environment will give children many opportunities to play, to become independent, social and learn how to make choices and learn from them.